Amazon smartphone

Amazon's own-brand smartphone, codenamed 'smith', will launch by the end of the year, according to leaked information.

An anonymous insider on Hacker News has revealed that Amazon wanted to have launched its own smartphone by now but had difficulties with software, hardware and people leaving the firm. Nevertheless, it will arrive by the end of the year, says the tipster.

It appears that it will be a cheaper and basic model of the Amazon smartphone which we'll be treated to this year, with a more expensive and better specified version coming sometime next year.

The cheaper version will come with a heavily modified version of Android, much like the Kindle Fire tablet range. More interesting is the suggestion that the flagship model will come with some kind of 3D user interface.

Amazon's smartphone will supposedly come with four cameras on the front, one at each corner. These will constantly track the user's head and eye movement and move the interface appropriately. It seems like a more elaborate way of what the iPhone 5S does with iOS 7 using the device's accelerometer.

The firm has also been testing image recognition software so that users may take a picture of an object (not just the barcode) and search Amazon for it. "This might allow them to sell the phone for cheaper since they'd make money off extra sales." said the source.

Specifications and a launch date are thin on the ground at the moment but we'll keep a look out for more information on the Amazon smartphones. We're also waiting for a sighting of one of these still mythical devices.

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