Musicians who need a helping hand have found a friend in AirTurn. Hugh Sung, the company's co-founder and its vice president of marketing, stopped by the TechHive offices recently to show off the company's line of phone and tablet accessories aimed at both musicians and presenters.

AirTurn's BT-105 has proven to be a popular accessory for musicians who keep their sheet music on their iOS device. The wireless Bluetooth foot pedal controller lets you turn pages of sheet music, scroll through lyrics and tablature, or trigger virtual musical effects boxes without ever having to take your hands off your instrument. Coming in either two and four pedal flavors (at a cost of $120 and $159, respectively), the AirTurn BT-105 works with a large number of iOS apps including OnSong, SeeScore, and JamUp Pro XT.

AirTurn also makes the Digit, which works the same as the BT-105 but can be removed from its foot pedal for use as a handheld remote. That's not so useful if you're playing a guitar, maybe, but if you want to control PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, you may find the accessory worth its $79 price tag. (Digit is also available as a $10 upgrade to the BT-105 pedal bundles.)

The BT-105 and Digit are just warm-up acts in this video report for a sneak preview at what AirTurn is planning next--a universal mic stand mount for tablets and phones of all sizes. Dubbed the Manos Mount, it screws onto any standard microphone stand, letting you rotate your mobile device from portrait to landscape orientation simply by turning it.

The coolest thing about AirTurn's mount is the way that its finger-like clamps hold onto your phone or tablet, eliminating the need to remove any external case before attaching your device to the mount. The Manos Mount is easily adjustable to fit both phones and tablets. It should be available on September 16 with an estimated price of $50.