Nearly 90 percent of Brits feel Mobile termination rates (MTR) are unfair, says

MTRs are the per-minute fees paid by operators to connect calls to mobiles, which are passed on to consumers and make up around 80 percent of current call charges.

According to the comparison website, on average Brits pay an MTR of 4.7p or more despite the cost to the operator being less than a penny. also said MTRs are more than 10 times the termination rate charged to call a fixed-line phone.

James Parker, mobile manager at, said: "Millions of people do not know these charges even exist because mobile networks have managed to hide MTRs from the public for too long. These charges do not show up on your monthly bill but are still passed on to anyone who makes a call to a mobile. By reducing MTRs providers can offer even greater value to customers and could even see the introduction of unlimited tariffs."

The comparison website is urging Brits to sign its Terminate the Rate petition. The petition, which is being run in conjunction with 3 and BT, urges Ofcom to lower MTRs to a rate that reflects actual costs.

"By signing up to this campaign we can help reduce MTRs, which in turn will reduce the cost of calls and increase the value offered by providers. If people are sick of paying higher charges for calling a mobile I urge them to sign up to the Terminate the Rate campaign to get these unfair charges reduced," Parker added.

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