It's a fairly eye-catching figure for those looking for evidence that the iPhone is not the world's greatest gadget. But while 67 percent of respondents to our iPhone poll last week said they'd never buy one, the fact that 33 percent have already bought the handset, or plan to do so, is a pretty impressive figure for Apple.

We set up the poll following Apple's announcement that the 8GB iPhone would be available for £169 – a £100 price cut – until June, when the widely rumoured 3G iPhone is expected to be announced. Of the 240 pro-iPhone respondents, 10 percent already own one, 16 percent plan to buy the £160 model, 28 percent will buy an iPhone when their current mobile contract comes up for renewal, and an impressive 45 percent plan to buy the 3G iPhone.

While iPhone sales are believed to have fallen short O2's expectations, Apple's phone remains the mobile operator's highest-selling handset, with nearly 200,000 shipping in the first two months of its availability in the UK. Nearly six months on from the iPhone's UK release, and with the 3G model just around the corner, surely it's hard even for those wishing to play devil's advocate to claim Apple's entry into the smartphone market has been anything other than a success?

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