Sixty percent of Brits think a mobile ticket, or a code sent via SMS to their mobile phone, is more convenient than a standard printed ticket when travelling or going to event, says mBlox.

Research by the mobile transaction network revealed that 57 percent will be happy to use mobile tickets on railways or the underground as well as gain entry to sporting events, while 53 percent said they'd use a text message in place of a bus ticket and 55 percent would be happy using the service to gain entry into music concerts.

Furthermore, 22 percent said mobile tickets were better for the environment and 67 percent agreed they'd be less likely to lose a text message containing a code compared to a printed ticket.

"The results of our survey accurately reflect the tangible benefits mobile tickets provide to consumers," said Andrew Dark, CEO, mBlox.

"It will see an end to long queues by ticket machines at transport hubs as well as entertainment venues - this means a reduction in the amount of trains, buses, gigs and sports matches that are missed while people wait in line for their tickets."

Dark also said the service was carbon neutral, not as damaging to the environment as paper-based systems and "inherently safer" as consumers are far less likely to lose their mobile phone than a paper ticket.

"In short, mobile ticketing makes the whole consumer experience easier and more satisfactory - allowing tickets to be bought anywhere and at any time, at the consumer's convenience and without the hassle traditionally associated with paper-based ticketing systems."

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