Over half of Brits are worried about the security of information sent from a mobile phone, says Cloudmark.

According to research by the message security firm, a further 69 percent of handset owners cited these security concerns the reason they won't use mobile banking services while 37 percent refuse to shop online via their handset because of security concerns.

Cloudmark also said that two thirds of Brits had received spam message on their mobile phone and 29 percent said the messages has been of a malicious nature such as phishing scams and messages containing inappropriate content.

"Consumers' increasing reliance on their mobile phone coincides with the rise in messaging threats like SMS spam, MMS viruses and mobile phishing, which are not only intrusive and annoying but are costly and put consumers at risk of fraud and identify theft," explained Hugh McCartney, CEOof Cloudmark.

"The research results prove the mobile industry needs to take notice of the threat that mobile messaging abuse and fraud poses to both consumers and operators. It is important that operators invest in the necessary technology to safeguard their networks and ensure customers feel confident using their mobile phones and accessing additional revenue generating services," added McCartney.