There's been a surge in attack codes aimed at jailbroken iPhones lately. However, fear not. We've got five top tips to ensure your hacked smartphone is as secure as standard stock iPhones.

Jailbroken Apple iPhones, or handsets that have been modified to run authorised applications, have been big news lately.

There has been a surge in the number of attack codes aimed at the modified phones.

However, fear not. If you alreadyhave a jailbroken handset, or are considering making the jump, follow these tips to ensure your iPhone is even more secure than any stock Apple iPhone.

1. Change SSH Default Passwords

This is an absolute must for any jailbreaker who installs SSH on their device.

Both the Rickrolling and iPhone/Privacy. A worm permeated by locating jailbroken iPhones over Wi-Fi and logging in via SSH with a default password.

Here's how to change your default root and mobile password. If you haven't already, install the free Mobile Terminal app from the Cydia store.

Open Mobile Terminal; at the prompt, type 'su' to login to root. Now type the default password, 'alpine'.

Once logged in, type 'passwd' (the UNIX command to change the password of the current user). Now type the password you wish to change it to (please, anything but 'alpine'). Re-type it when prompted. Don't forget your password!

Now type 'passwd mobile' and hit return. Type the old password (again, the default is 'alpine').

Type in your new password, and re-type it again when prompted- it can be the same as your root password, just please don't use 'alpine'.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

Just like on your laptop, be aware that when using an unsecured Wi-Fi access point of unknown origin, there is always a chance (albeit a small one) that some unscrupulous hacker is out there sniffing out the data you are transmitting.

You don't have to be paranoid, but if you're looking at really sensitive data and you're not at home, you might want to opt for 3G over Wi-Fi.

In addition to changing your default SSH passwords (you did that already, right?), you should probably also turn off SSH when not in use.

3. Wait to update

If you've been a jailbreaker for any amount of time, you probably already know that when Apple releases an iPhone software update, there is a good chance it will negate your jailbreak.

That is until the iPhone Dev Team hackers are able to surpass Apple's new defences and release a new jailbreak tool. So if you plan on keeping your jailbreak, it might be a good idea to wait a few days after an update to patch your phone.

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