Apple's iPhone 4 can look forward to unprecedented success among PC users, if PC Advisor's latest poll results are anything to go by. A total of 29.8 percent of readers told us they plan to buy an Apple iPhone 4.

Asked 'Do you plan to buy an iPhone 4?', 15.8 percent of respondents ticked 'Yes, as soon as I can', while another 14 percent said they would buy an iPhone 4 'but there's no hurry'.

That leaves a strong majority (70.2 percent) who presently have no plans to buy an Apple iPhone 4. But Apple will surely be happy with a market share of 29.8 percent - particularly among a group whose choice of web reading suggests a bias towards Windows technology.

iPhone hate: the noisy majority

One interesting aspect of the poll, however, was the related forum discussion. There were a few cautiously positive comments, but a disproportionate majority, and all the fiercest opinions, were directed against Steve Jobs' latest handset.

"Wouldn't have one even if it were free," alan14 said, while Uboat wrote: "DEFFO a big NO."

"I'm sticking with Google Android phones from now," said AL47. "Have just got the HTC Desire, which is far more customisable and way cheaper."

A tempted but unconvinced babybell was typical of the positive commenters, stating: "It looks impressive and I would love to own one, but money is required to go elsewhere."

Based on 349 votes, as of 5pm, 11th June 2010. Add your vote to the poll here. Join the discussion in our Speakers' Corner forum.

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