Some come from the desks of design firms. Others come from the minds of people who know their way around Photoshop and have a little too much free time on their hands. But these concepts certainly got us thinking about the future of mobile phones.

We probably won't be getting our hands on any of them for a few years, but most of them contain a kernel of an idea that could make its way into the mainstream, such as OLED displays and pico projectors.

Snake phone

Having a phone that can wrap around your wrist or arm could be useful, especially if you're prone to losing things.

But that doesn't mean anyone would want the snake phone, created by Product Visionaires, curled around their entire arm. Imagine unwrapping one of these things if you get a call.

Yikes! Shrink the design down to a manageable size, and this phone would probably be a hit with people who frequent the gym.

Image: Product Visionaires

Kyocera Kinetic OLED mobile phone

The Kyocera kinetic-energy-powered concept phone unfolds from a wallet-shaped, pocket-friendly device into a widescreen OLED display.

The phone sports a physical keyboard that pretty much goes away when not in use. The keys are inset into the frame of the phone. Just start typing, and - like magic--the keyboard emerges from the phone's skin.

We don't know what kind of battery this phone is supposed to use, but it's probably epic.

Image: Kyocera

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