Tasteful website advertising is a necessary evil. Without it sites such as PC Advisor couldn't function, and we certainly couldn't provide reviews, news and forums for free. But we all get heartily sick of blaring ads, dopey pop-ups and annoying fly-in Flash adverts. The good news is, it's easy to get rid of them with these super ad and pop-up blockers. And most of these are free. How's that for a tempting advert?

If you surf the internet - and you clearly do - you'll have seen every type of advert imaginable, from pop-ups and pop-unders to noisy banner ads to the now-ubiquitous fly-ins and slide-ins. Fight back with blockers that promise to eliminate most, if not all, of these pesky web ads. And for some real fun, test your current ad blocker against some of the toughest pop-ups we've seen at the Pop-Up Test site or the Pop-Up Killer site.

Most of these ad and pop-up blockers are freebies or have free trials, so give one a go. If its performance isn't up to your standards, uninstall it and try others until you find one that's a perfect fit with the way you browse.

Ad Muncher

Want to know our secret weapon for blocking ads? It's Ad Muncher, one of the most effective (and just as important, simple-to-use) ad and pop-up blockers we've ever encountered.

Granted, Ad Muncher will set you back $30 (that's about £15 but it has a 30-day trial), but I promise that it blocks 98 percent of banner, Flash, floating, pop-up, inline, and text ads. Ad Muncher has other useful features, too, such as an anonymous proxy server to disguise yourself while surfing.

If a website doesn't work correctly, or if you want a site's pop-up to pop up, the fix is easy. Just right-click Ad Muncher's icon in the system tray, choose the My Filters tab, click New, cut and paste the address into the Keyword field, choose No Filtering in the Filter Category, and click Close. And if you have any trouble, right-click on the offending page to have the program send the developers a detailed report.

Better yet, use Ad Muncher's live chat feature: Chances are good that you'll get answers directly from the guy who programmed Ad Muncher.

Price: $30 (about £15, there's a 30-day free trial)

Download Ad Muncher here

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