T-Mobile's G1 mobile phone debuted last week and critics have been quick to compare it with Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry. However, because there are many omissions, shortcomings and flat-out disappointments in Google's first foray into the mobile phone market, the G1 and Google Android aren't faring too well. Here's our round-up of the 10 biggest disappointments of the G1.

10. Multitouch MIA

A small oversight, but those familiar or in love with Apple's innovative multitouch interface will groan when they discover the same feature isn't present on the G1.

9. Accelerometer quirk

The G1 includes an accelerometer, but it functions only when the keyboard flips out, not by tilting the device. So if you want to surf the web in widescreen, you must first double the size of your phone. Cosmetic differences such as this could spell 'selling point' or a 'walk-away'.

8. Uninspiring interface

While it's not the ugliest kid on the block, the G1 interface doesn't 'wow' in any way. It's ok but its not quite what you'd expect from HTC's innovation and coming from under the shadow of Apple's obsessive aesthetics.

7. No video recording

You'd think HTC would pack in some video recording capabilities with that 3.2Mp camera. It didn't, forgoing a unique opportunity to beat Apple at its own game - the iPhone does not support video recording either. If they'd snuck in that feature, some of the G1's other shortcomings would be more tolerable. As is, the newcomer is playing par for the course and not challenging mobile phone conventions.

6. Battery life lacking

Talk-time on the G1 is standard: five hours. But the phone's stand-by time is a raging disappointment: the G1 can sit still for only 130 hours, compared to the iPhone's 300. And I thought my iPhone's battery was inadequate; this is almost unacceptable. So keep your charger handy, because you'll need it.

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