O2 TU Go app

O2 has announced a service called TU Go which will rival Skype in allowing customers to send and receive calls and text messages on multiple devices.

The TU Go app in initially available for O2 Pay Monthly customers and brings calls and text messages to devices other than their main mobile phone. TU Go can be installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

"Customers can now take their mobile number wherever they like, even away from their mobile," said Sally Cowdry, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2 in the UK. "TU Go lets you take a call on a tablet, pick up text messages on a PC and have conversations in places with Wi-Fi coverage but no mobile signal. We're letting nothing stand between our customers and their number."

The free TU Go app is available now on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 5 and above, Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread and above and PCs (Windows 7 only).

Although the app is free calls and text messages are charged at the normal tariff rate as per usual.

O2 said TU Go combines voice over IP (VOIP) and its mobile network meaning customers can use a regular mobile connection of Wi-Fi to communicate. Users can log into TU Go on up to five different devices simultaneously.

What could be annoying is that all devices with TU Go installed will ring when a call is received. On the plus side, the address book and conversation history is in synchronised across all devices with TU Go.

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