If you’re often out of the office and on the move then a portable is the best device to choose, but when you are actually at your desk a laptop can seem a bit restricted. Using the Targus docking station you can help to turn your humble laptop into more of a desktop workstation.

Simply connect your computer to the dock and you have extra USB ports and both HDMI and DVI for connecting your laptop to a large monitor. There’s also an Ethernet port on the Targus dock so you can connect to superfast wired networks with ease.

There are three standard speed USB ports and a single USB 3 port on the dock so you can connect to printers, add a keyboard or mouse and high speed external hard disk making backups really easy and super fast. The HDMI port lets you connect to an LCD TV for watching TV and Movies and the DVI connection means you can add a big screen professional monitor for when you need to get some real work done.

When you’re finished and want to escape the office quickly all you have to do in unplug the one connection cable and you’re ready to go. The opposite is true as well and setup takes just a few seconds.

The dock helps to keep your desk tidy as all the cables can be routed to it rather than sticking out of the laptop at odd angles. Of course, once the dock is setup it can be put out of the way.

This simple little black box adds a whole new dimension to the humble laptop and helps to make yours even more useful. No matter what portable you have the Targus docking station enables you get the best from your mobile device when you’re back at your desk.

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