Samsung has won the PC Advisor Awards 2010 - Readers Best Laptop Brand award, after being ranked highest by PCA readers based on a combination of customer service and hardware reliability.

Samsung was a clear winner in the laptops category, combining stylish but solidly built products with great value and aftersales support. The firm's customer loyalty stood out in a sometimes changeable market: laptop owners tend to hold on to their systems for a shorter time than their desktop equivalents, and were more likely to have purchased their current machine in the past three years.

As Samsung's success in the netbooks category shows, there's a big demand for low-priced laptops. But consumers are also looking for quality, and this manufacturer was exemplary in this department. Samsung's customers reported fewer instances of their laptop going wrong than those of any other company - testament to the firm's focus on build quality and reliability.

Samsung X360 laptop

The runners-up in this category were: Acer; Dell; Sony; and Toshiba.

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