We scoured the web to find true tales of splintered, shattered and smashed laptops. Here's the 15 worst.

The components of a PC are delicate and need to be treated with care.

This isn't an issue with big bulky desktops that very rarely move from their home.

However, it's a different story for laptops. Portable PCs respond poorly to flames, freefalls, and blunt-force trauma (accidental or otherwise).

And unlike a smartphone, which fits snugly in a pocket or pouch, a laptop is bulky In short, they can be a disaster waiting to happen.

We've scoured the web to find the 15 worst true tales of splintered, shattered and smashed laptops.

Warning: If you're offended by graphic images of singed silicon and eviscerated electronics, click away now! Brave souls, continue.

Calling Al Capone

"This was a dying laptop owned by my co-worker, and he had a friend with a Vickers machine gun. The next step was obvious," said C A Bridges.

To witness the rat-a-tat carnage, check out this YouTube clip. Is machine gunfire covered under warranty?

Special delivery

Andrew Tegala was working in technical support when this pulverised portable arrived.

"I headed over to the reception area and saw a laptop back with a delivery address taped to the side," he said.

"I realised then that the laptop had been sent in just the bag, no packaging. As I picked up the case, I heard the rattle inside of small fragments (the LCD display was smashed)."

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