LG Electronics is the latest major IT brand to join the mini laptop market, showing an Intel Atom-based netbook with built-in 3G wireless capabilities at IFA.

The LG X110 will include an HSPA cellular data modem that should be compatible with the newer 3G networks now being rolled out by most major carriers around the world. HSPA is typically capable of download speeds of several megabits per second and the latest versions of the evolving technology also offer megabit per second uploads.

In addition to 3G, the machine also supports 802.11b/g wireless LAN and has a wired Ethernet connector. The Windows XP Home-based X110 includes the same 1.6GHz Atom processor that many of its competing devices also use and has a 10in WSVGA resolution (1,024 pixels by 600 pixels) screen.

LG has decided to go for a conventional hard-disk drive in the X110 and will offer models with either 80GB or 120GB of capacity. Some netbooks use faster solid-state disks based on flash memory chips but they typically offer much lower capacity.

The machine will be available in several colours including white, pink or silver. LG didn't announce the price.

LG netbook