When you get a new laptop getting used to the trackpad can take some time. Not all trackpads are created equal and the desire to just plug in a USB mouse can be strong.

There’s nothing wrong with using a mouse with your laptop of course, and we’d suggest that for longer periods of work, especially when you’re at home, that this is exactly what you do. When you’re out and about though you should make sure that the trackpad works effectively for you and this can easily be done in the Settings.

Trackpads do so much more than move the pointer around your screen nowadays with some able to interpret gestures where you swipe with one or more fingers to perform an action. Ironically, the control panel to manage your trackpad settings is called Mouse. Go to Control Panel and double click on Mouse to edit your trackpad settings.

The control panel has five tabs to choose from though what settings you can change will depend entirely upon your hardware. However, you’ll be able to set things like double click speeds and whether a tap on the trackpad is the same as a click of a button for example. If you want to you can also choose the type of cursor that‘s used. Click on Pointers and under scheme you can choose from a wide range of size and colour options.

There’s less to manage with keyboards as once you’re up to speed with where the keys are everything is pretty much standard, however, you can still manage a variety of settings. As you may have already worked out the appropriate control panel for managing your keyboard is Keyboard.

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