Lenovo has become the latest major laptop maker to enter the fast-growing netbook market, launching the IdeaPad S10 with a starting price of £319 in the UK.

The ultra low-cost, ultra-mobile laptop market kicked off last year when Asus released the original Eee PC. The laptop, which included a 7in screen and launched in the UK for around £200, proved so popular that Asus followed it up with larger screen versions, the latest version being the 10in Eee PC 1000.

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The Eee PC's success has encouraged several other vendors to join the fray, including major vendors such as Acer and HP.

Lenovo IdeaPad s10

Lenovo IdeaPad s10

Lenovo's entry makes the market even more crowded, with the Ideapad S10 available in two configurations.

However, us usual, UK buyers will be expected to pay more for the S10 than those in the US. While the mini laptop with cost from £319 on this side of the Atlantic, it will be priced at $399 (£200) or $499 (£250) in the US depending on hard drive capacity and RAM allocation (one has 512MB of memory and an 80GB hard drive; the second has 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive). 

Both are based on Intel's Atom processor, run Windows XP, feature LED backlit 10.2in screens and include two USB ports and a 4-in-1 multi-card reader. The mini laptop will come in either black, white or red.

"As rapidly as the technology changes, today's consumers are looking for mobile products that feature the best of basic computing functions in an extremely compact and affordable form," said Liu Jun, senior vice president, Consumer Business Group, Lenovo.

The IdeaPad S10 will be available from October, but we’re still waiting for details of the UK launch.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10