Laptops based on Intel's new Centrino 2 platform which feature support for WiMax will be on show the Computex exhibition in Taipei this week.

The company offered a preview of what's to come on its [email protected] blog, where executive Craig Raymond described his experience using a WiMax-equipped Asus M51VA laptop.

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Raymond used the laptop to access the internet using local operator First International Telecom's (Fitel's) WiMax network. "Kobe looked pretty good scoring 39 to put the Lakers in the NBA finals from my Slingbox back in the States," he wrote.

The Asus laptop, which includes Intel's Echo Peak WiMax module, runs on an 'Intel Penryn P8600 2.4GHz' processor, Raymond wrote, referring to the company's 45-nanometre processor family.

Originally scheduled for release this month, the launch of Centrino 2 has been delayed until August because of problems with the regulatory filings required for the antenna used with the chip platform, as well problems with the integrated graphics chipset. The delay is not expected to have a significant impact on Intel or system makers.

Computex starts on Tuesday.

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