The speakers on laptops often more than just tiny tinny afterthoughts that you would only use when you absolutely must. Modern laptops can have powerful speakers with sub-woofers and all sorts of other technology built-in to make them sound much better than their diminutive dimensions would suggest was possible.

It’s not all in the hardware though - you can improve the sound quality coming from your laptop by managing the system settings for best performance. Naturally, the better the physical speakers the more impressive the audio quality can be, but with a little tinkering it can be made even better.

For simple audio management the notification area should be your first port of call. From the speaker icon you can set the volume, but if you right-click on it there are more settings available. Click on Volume control options, for example and you can select individual volume controls for all your audio devices, this is great if you want your headphones to be quieter than the built-in speakers when you turn audio on. Right-click on the audio icon and choose Open Volume Mixer and you’ll be able to give system sounds and music or other audio different settings too.

For even more control over all the audio settings on your PC you should head to Control Panel. If you have specific hardware there may well be an application or control panel of its own to help you edit those settings, but if not click on the Audio control panel to manage your sound. It’s not just audio from movies and music that you can control as you can choose what system sounds are made, if any to highlight system activity.

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