Google is working with US operator Verizon on a tablet computer that will compete with Apple's iPad, Verizon has confirmed.

The wireless operator has yet to provide details about the tablet PC, and Google's official word is that there's nothing to announce. However, the news has been reported by the Wall Street Journal, which said Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam mentioned the product during an interview.

The tablet presumably would run Google's Android mobile-phone operating system, which can be - and already has been - used to run a tablet. Archos offers a small Android tablet, and rumours of Android tablets from Motorola and Dell have been circulating for months.

Google has previously published conceptual images - such as the one below - of how a Google-based tablet might look. Those concepts, however, revolved around the idea of a Chrome OS-based tablet, so they may or may not apply to an Android-based design.

Google Verizon tablet

Google's move into the tablet market comes at a time when the iPad appears to have proved that demand for the form factor is growing.

Apple said it sold 1 million iPads in the first 28 days the device was available. That sales figure, however, almost exclusively accounts for the Wi-Fi-only version of the device, since the 3G version became available only on the final day of that period. Apple has not yet said how many of the 3G versions have sold since they went on sale April 30.

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