The Home Access Scheme, which promised to give 270,000 disadvantaged families access to PCs and the internet, could be closing as early as next week.

Money saving guru Martin Lewis is claiming on his website that only 50,000 grants for the PCs and broadband packages remain. Lewis also says he's been tipped-off the closing date for applications could be Monday June 21.

The Home Access Scheme was announced in 2008 and launched in January this year following a successful pilot with 20,000 families in Suffolk and Oldham.

Households with an income of than £15,500 per year, or those on income support, can apply for a grant, which will be used to be provide them with a free laptop and a broadband connection for a year.

After the year is up, the disadvantaged families will be allowed to keep the laptop, but will have to fun the internet connection themselves.

The scheme is open to families with children in years 3 to 9 (which means they'll be aged between seven and 14).

To find out more information about the scheme and eligibility, call 0333 200 1004 or visit the Home Access website.

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