Dell has revealed pricing and availability of its new range of products, including the Venue tablet range and the XPS 11, at an event in Sydney.

The 'end user showcase' included Dell's entire range of devices including desktops, touch screen displays, thin-clients, two-in-ones and projectors.

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The XPS 11, which will cost $1199 and be available in November, is the thinnest, most compact 2-in-1 in the world, according to a company statement.

It also features a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display on an 11.6-inch 2-in-1.

The XPS 15, which will cost $1799 and is available in Q4 this year, boasts a stunningly thin design, and offers as an option the a 15.6-inch Quad HD+ (3200 x 1800) display, which is the highest resolution available on a laptop of that size.

Dell is also refreshing its award-winning XPS 13 Ultrabook with faster processors, touch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display and improved battery life. With these three laptops, Dell is leading the industry with the highest resolution displays possible.

It also showed off its thumb-size PC called Project Ophelia, which will be available in the last quarter of this year. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Ophelia looks much like a USB stick and it can turn any screen or display with an HDMI port into a PC, gaming machine or streaming media player.

The thumb PC runs on the Android OS and once it is plugged into an HDMI port, users can run applications, play games, watch streaming movies or access files stored in the cloud.

Pricing and availability for Dells XPS, Venue, Precision, Displays, Alienware, Latitude and Inspiron ranges are below.


XPS 11: $1199, available November 2013 XPS 13: $1199 (non-touch), available November 2013 XPS 15: $1799, available in Q4 2013 Venue

Venue 8 Pro: $449, available in November Venue 11 Pro: pricing TBC, available in November Precision

M3800: pricing TBC, available in November Ophelia

Project Ophelia: pricing TBC, available Q4 2013 Displays

Dell 23 Monitor | P2314T Full HD Touch Monitor: $499, available now Dell 27 Monitor | P2714T Full HD Touch Monitor: $759, available now Alienware (all available now)

Alienware 14: $1699 Alienware 17: $2499 Alienware 18: $3499 Alienware X51: $1299 Aurora Desktop: $2699 Latitude (all available now)

Latitude 12 7000: $2820 Latitude 14 7000: $2248 Latitude 14 6000: $1649 Inspiron (all available now)

Inspiron 11 3000: $499 Inspiron 14 7000: $1199 Inspiron 15 7000: $999 Inspiron 17 7000: $1299 Inspiron ONE 2350: $1299