Dell has announced it is adding instant email and web access to its Latitude E4200 laptop, ensuring users can email and surf without even booting up the machine.

According to the PC manufacturer the instant access function, which was unveiled at the 'Mobility in a Connected Era' conference in Monte Carlo this week, is a "system-within-a-system that works outside the machine's processer and operating system" to ensure users can access their email and the web as soon as they have lifted the laptop’s lid.

The 12.1in Latitude E4200 was launched last month benefits from an Intel Core2 Duo processor, 1GB of RAM and a 64 or 128GB SSD solid state drive. Dell said the 1kg laptop with the instant access function would be available before Christmas.

The company also announced it is adding a one-touch electronic privacy screen option to the Latitude E6400. Users sitting directly in front of the 14.1in laptop can se the screen but as the light polarises the screen, it provides those seated near the user trying to View the screen with a display of white lines and Dell logos. The option costs an extra £88.

Dell Latitude E4200 will now include instant access to email and web

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