Dell has officially launched the Inspiron Mini 9. The much-vaunted mini-laptop from Dell is available now running the Windows XP operating system.

A Linux version of the 1kg Dell Inspiron Mini 9 will be available shortly, Dell said.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 uses solid state disc (SSD) memory, comes with an 8.9in LED display (1024x600) and a keypad, which Dell promises to be "large and easy to navigate".

The Inspiron Mini 9 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a built-in webcam as standard. Prices for the Windows XP version start at £299 including VAT and delivery.

Versions of the Inspiron Mini 9 using Ubuntu 8.04 and a Dell-developed custom interface are expected to be available shortly with a starting price of £269 including VAT and delivery.

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