With a great specification and build quality the Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition is the perfect balance of power and portability. The design is fresh and modern and even more importantly its low price makes it an incredibly attractive choice - prices start at £649.

The 15r, as the name suggests, has a 15.6in screen with a Full HD 1366 x768 resolution. It uses the latest 2.5GHz Core i5 processors from Intel with a 3.2GHz Core i7 option available too. Impressively the PC comes with 8GB (6GB on the Core i7) of memory fitted as standard. The graphics are driven by a powerful AMD Radeon HD7730M card that has 2GB of memory and each comes with a 1TB (750GB on the Core i7) hard disk. That’s quite an impressive specification given that the Core i5 and i7 processors from Intel are very powerful.

As this is a Dell there are a host of build-to-order options available too so you can choose the features that provide exactly the configuration you want. The Intel Core i processor available on the 15r is the very latest series 3 version and as such is more powerful and more intelligent than their predecessors. It needs less power to perform, so you get longer battery life, and it gives better data transfer rates allowing you to run more applications simultaneously.

With four USB ports, two on each side, you’ll never be short of somewhere to plug your external devices into and, naturally, the Inspiron 15r has Wi-Fi built in as well as a wired Ethernet connection. The speakers are designed by Skullcandy and there’s a webcam for video chatting over Skype or with Windows Messenger. There’s an HDMI port too letting you connect the Dell to a big screen TV to mirror what’s on your screen for presentations or show off movies. As you’d expect there’s a DVD burner in the 15r too.

The Core i5 processor provides more than enough power for those everyday tasks like web browsing and using Microsoft Office. For an all-round family or student laptop the Intel chip is more than a match so even the entry level model would suit. If you want to do lots of video editing or use photo applications without having to wait for the computer to catch up then take a look at the higher specification Core i7 machine.

Graphics performance is boosted by the 2GB of memory on the card and is perfect for playing games. The USB 3.0 ports mean that you can connect really high-speed devices to the laptop and copy huge files in seconds. All in all the speeds are impressive and there’s plenty left over even when you’re performing processor intensive tasks.

The Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition is very nicely balanced and feels like a high-quality piece of kit. It’ll survive the rough and tumble of being transported in a backpack or briefcase too. The keyboard tiles are well spaced making it easy to type on even for longer periods and below the keyboard is a decent sized trackpad with the usual two buttons, which respond reassuringly when in use. The Dell feels like a much more expensive laptop than it actually is. Even the speakers perform well and provide enough power and range when you’re watching movies or listening to music on the go.


There’s a great deal of choice out there when you’re looking for a 15in laptop that will serve the family well. The Inspiron 15r from Dell offers just about everything in a package that’s designed to last and that performs incredibly well. The Core i5 processor is more than a match for your everyday computing needs and even copes well with things like video and image editing. The screen is bright and sharp thanks to the full HD resolution and there’s more than enough disk space and RAM to keep the laptop running smoothly for a good few years. All this and it’s competitively priced too, the Dell is a great performer that looks good and is priced very competitively.

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