Dell is charging UK customers 60 percent more than it charges consumers in the US to buy the same Blu-ray laptop.

US customers who want to get their hands on the 15.4in widescreen Dell Inspiron 1525 with Blu-Ray player are being charged $879, which at the current exchange rates converts to around £440. Tax and delivery to a New York address adds a further $76.41 (£38.21) on to the price, making the final cost $955.41, or £475.21.

However, UK customers, are being asked to fork out £729 including VAT and delivery. That's £253.89 or around 60 percent more expensive.

A spokesperson from Dell told PC Advisor: "The (price difference) is due to the UK base model being of a much higher-specification than the US base version. The components that make up specific bundles will vary from one region to another, as the bundles are tailored to specific markets. The UK offer includes a higher end processor; the CORE 2 DUO T7250 in place of the T5550, a better software package; Windows Vista Home Premium rather than Home basic and more memory; 3GB over 1GB. Dell systems are configurable online, so you can select components to suit needs."

In the past other firms have put similar price discrepancies down to economies of scale, as well as reduced localisation- and transport-costs. Dell does manufacture some products in the US, and the Dollar is weak at the moment, but it does seem as though once again we Brits are getting a raw deal when it comes to price.

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