Focusing on innovation and a horses -for-courses approach, Asus is showing a wide range of laptops here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, all of which have next-generation USB 3.0 connectivity.

During a long tour of the Asus stand at CES, PC Advisor was shown several distinct laptop lines, each aimed - according to Asus - at showcasing innovative technology, and unique capabilities.

One such product is the Asus G73jh gaming laptop. using a chassis design 'based around the principles of origami', the G73jh is able to suck in air through front-facing cooling vents, and chuck hot air out of the back - away from gamers. A happy by-product of this is that the laptop's keyboard slopes upward for greater comfort and ergonomic safety. The Asus G73jh has a Core i7 chip, 17in screen, discreet ATi Mobility Radeon S870 graphics and up to 8GB DDR3 RAM. Asus says it will ship in February for 'less than £2,000'.

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Also new from Asus is the NX Series of audio laptops, created in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen design guru David Lewis. PC Advisor took a look at the Asus NX90, a high-end laptop with an 18in screen aimed squarely at audiophiles. The NX90 has dual-touchpads with gesture control, and vertical speakers positioned on the outside of the screen. Asus told us that the NX90 has 'the best amplifier, the best audio codec and the best speakers', and its B&O heritage can be seen in its slick styling. The NX90 will ship in May, again for 'less than £2,000'.

Asus has also revamped its Seashell range of netbook PCs, getting designer Karim Rashid to add a touch of sparkle to the range in the hope of attracting 'fashionistas'. More substantially perhaps, the Asus 1008kr Seashell netbook now has a swappable lithium polymer battery.

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A new range of Bamboo laptops are also on show. The 2010 range of Bamboo laptops from Asus come in 13in, 14in and 15in flavours, and consume 20 percent less plastic than comparable mainstream laptops. The U53Jc and U83Jc Bamboo laptops also switch on-demand between discrete and onboard graphics, reducing power draw. Asus didn't reveal pricing, but told PC Advisor that the bamboo-coated Core i3 and i5 laptops will be available in May, and that the company "doesn't feel that people should pay a premium for green computing".

Of course, Asus' most famous product of the past decade was the Eee PC: the computer that launched the netbook craze. Asus told PC Advisor that the Eee PC took only three months from conception to market, and the company is showing the latest designs at CES. We saw a multitouch Eee PC, complete with stylus, that converts from traditional form factor to touchscreen tablet. The Eee PC T101MT has a 10in multitouch screen and has been designed, says Asus, in response for demand from education and corporate IT.