Dell Latitude e6420

We announce the winner of our Best Business Laptop award.

PC Advisor has given its Best Business Laptop award for 2013 to the Dell Latitude E6420 ATG. Here's why.

Best Business Laptop 2013: winner Dell Latitude E6420 ATG

The Dell Latitude E6420 ATG is described as a 'business-rugged' laptop and, although we wouldn't recommend that you throw it around the boardroom, you can be confident that it'll withstand a bit of rough treatment. The E6420 is solid and speedy. With the top-spec Intel Core i7 and Samsung SSD option, performance is undeniably good. The price tag may look a touch steep, but if you need a laptop that won't object to some rough riding in your work it should pay back its premium.

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG review

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