Rumours suggest that Apple is set to design and build all-new slim and MacBook laptops.

According to a blog on PC Advisor's sister title Computerworld, for instance, the new MacBooks will offer a glass multi-touch trackpad, with support for gestures; and will be much thinner and lighter than before, looking more like a MacBook Air.

The body of the new Macs (which other reports suggest may be delayed a few weeks) will be manufactured using one sheet of aluminium, the report explains.

The new machines are likely to host Intel Centrino 2 chips, though some reports suggest these won't be custom Intel chips, but will be tweaked by a team led by staff Apple recently acquired with its purchase of PA Semi. (We think that claim seems rather speculative, considering the acquisition of the processor company remains a recent move).

The Macbook Air may also see some improvement - the introduction of a smaller but more powerful processor, which will boost battery life in comparison to the preceeding model.

We're in open season for speculation at this point, following Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer's statement during last week's financial results meeting: "We have some investments in front of us that I can't discuss with you today where we're going to be delivering state of the art new products that our competitors just aren't going to be able to match, and as a result, I would see gross margins being about 30 per cent and that's – that's all I can tell you at this point."

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