Apple's iPad has only been available in the US for a month, and it hasn't even officially hit UK shelves yet. However, we've managed to discover a number of tips and tricks that will make the device even more versatile and easy to use.

Get the iPad Case

I'm not a big fan of iPhone cases - I've tried a couple and always come back to just putting the naked iPhone in my pocket. But I feel differently about Apple's iPad case.

It's got rigid sides, and it folds to make a stand for the iPad that will either tilt it a little bit for easier viewing when holding the iPad on a horizontal surface, or prop it nearly vertically for use with an external keyboard.

It's got an attractive black microfiber finish, with a rough surface that makes it a bit easier to keep a grip on the iPad.

True, you don't really need a case for the iPad - it's a rugged, attractive machine that's designed to be used as is. But get the case anyway; it's extremely useful.

Skip the iPad Dock

It's like a giant iPhone dock, but for your iPad. It's pretty useless, even more so because it doesn't work with Apple's iPad case.

Try home-made accessories

You already have iPad accessories lying around the house.

My wife came up with the idea of putting a rubbery shelf liner under the iPad to keep it from skidding around on a lap desk; you can also use a mouse pad.

Use a bookstand - or even a business card holder - to prop the iPad up vertically.

Use a leather folio as an iPad case. Rainy Day Magazine has more tips for turning household items into iPad accessories.

The screen gets covered in finger prints easily

I haven't found a good fix for that.

The iPad's screen does have the same oil-resistant coating found on the latest iPhones, but I still find that one minute after I've wiped it clean with the bottom of my T-shirt, the screen looks like a camel blew its nose on it.

Anybody have any tips to help?

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