Premiership footballers take note. Bentley Motors has announced plans this week to release a luxury laptop computer. Coming in at a whopping £10,000 ($19,800 in the US, take note Mr Beckham), only 250 of the systems, dubbed the Ego for Bentley, will be sold.

Running Microsoft Vista software, the laptop has a 64-bit processor and a 160GB hard drive. And the notebook is encircled with a white gold frame engraved with the limited edition number.

Looking more like an expensive handbag than a laptop when it's closed, the outside of the machine is trimmed with "Bentley leather" and styled with Bentley cross-over hand stitching.

Its handbag styling remind us of Apple's original iBook laptop, introduced in 1999 - with colours modelled on those of the Apple iMac of the time.

The Ego laptop can be ordered to look like your Bentley automobile. According to the company, the colour options of the lacquered inside matches the car's most popular exterior paint colours.

Bentley also notes that the laptop has an ergonomic, integrated handle designed to "remove the need for an unattractive bag or case."

"It perhaps isn't the value leader in the notebook market - maybe $1,500 worth of technology, plus another $1,000 for the case, coupled with meagre support, all for only $19,000," said Dan Olds, an analyst at the Gabriel Consulting Group.

"All this thing brings to the table is a cool handle, a durable outer case and some assignable keys. This thing is ostentatious enough to give Paris Hilton pause ... Their brand name of "Ego" really sums everything up perfectly."

Bentley Motors teamed up with Ego Lifestyle BV on the ultra-high-end laptop project. Ego Lifestyle designs and sells high-end consumer electronics.

The Bentley laptop comes as organizations like One Laptop Per Child work to bring £100 laptops to the worldwide masses.

Non-Bentley ego laptops are available in the UK from the likes of Harrods, Gassan Diamonds, and Selfridges - so Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham players could be first to snap up the luxury laptop.

Premiership players who don't own a Bentley (if there are any such footballers) could instead choose the even more expensive limited-edition Ego Diamond that has design elements featuring precious diamonds set with surgical precision in white gold and platinum. Models are available as numbered limited editions.