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  • Tech Advisor March 2020 Digital Edition

    tamar20 cover

    Latest issue of Tech Advisor out now. Best antivirus software revealed

    10 Jan 2020

  • Acer's Swift 3 comes in two very different versions with the same name

    acer swift 3 2020 amd vs intel open angled back front

    This won't be confusing at all

    07 Jan 2020

  • Last minute tech gifts for Christmas 2019

    best christmas gifts tech

    There's a gizmo or gadget to suit everyone, including gamers, commuters, nerds, new parents, kids and more.

    23 Dec 2019

  • 45 Funny Things to Ask Cortana

    funny things to say to cortana

    Ask Cortana these 45 questions for some funny replies

    12 Nov 2019

  • What is USB-C?

    istock 513583458

    The idea behind USB-C is a simple one. You have one cable, one connector, and through them you attach everything you need.

    09 Oct 2019

  • What is Project Athena?

    project athena badge

    Intel wants to make laptops better than ever with its Project Athena specification

    23 Sep 2019

  • How to improve laptop battery life

    how improve laptop battery life

    Here's how to make your laptop run longer between charges

    02 Sep 2019

  • Students: a chance to buy a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 for £8.79

    get surface laptop 2 99 percent off

    Currys PC World is offering 10 Surface Laptops with 99% off

    15 Aug 2019

  • DisplayPort vs HDMI

    displayport vs hdmi

    We explain the difference between the DisplayPort and HDMI standards

    12 Aug 2019

  • The best of Computex 2019

    best of computex

    The best tech and computers we saw at Computex 2019

    31 May 2019

  • AMD VS Intel: What's The Best Processor?

    amd vs intel 1600

    Intel's 9th generation processors have just arrived but weren't the step forward that everyone hoped

    04 Feb 2019

  • Best of CES 2019: The coolest tech we saw

    ces best in show 2019

    Find out what we think should be on your wish list this year

    18 Jan 2019

  • Best free PC games of 2019

    team fortress 2

    Here are the best free-to-play games you can play right now on your Windows PC

    07 Jan 2019

  • Laptop vs Tablet

    laptop vs tablet main

    Which is the right device for you, laptop or tablet? Our expert advice will help you choose.

    30 Oct 2018

  • 5 laptops perfect for students

    istock 586211160

    Laptops with Windows 10 in S mode are fast & secure

    03 Oct 2018

  • Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

    should i upgrade to windows 10

    If your PC or laptop runs an unsupported version of Windows, it's time to upgrade to Windows 10

    10 Sep 2018

  • How many cores does my PC have?

    how many cores does my pc have main2

    Want to know how many cores and threads your laptop or PC's CPU has? Here's how to find out

    15 Aug 2018

  • What is LPDDR5?

    what is lpddr5 main

    Samsung's new DDR5 memory could make your next phone run faster for longer

    14 Aug 2018

  • Are Chromebooks more secure than laptops?

    are chromebooks more secure than windows pcs thumb

    A Chromebook can keep you safer online than a Windows PC. Here's why

    17 Jul 2018

  • £99 Asus Laptop Deal is Perfectly Timed for Back to School

    asus chromebook prime day deal

    Students aren't the only ones who will love the Prime Day discount on this 11.6in Asus Chromebook

    16 Jul 2018

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