Internet & Broadband When it comes to office life, there's one activity guaranteed to put even the most confident of employees on edge. No, I'm talking about your appraisal, or even the day the big boss comes to visit - I mean the tea-round.

It's a minefield for even the longest-serving employees, and can make or break a new starter's chances of cementing friendship with other office members - whether it's felt that you don't pull your weight and make enough rounds, or that you're too stingy or enthusiastic with the milk. The tea-round has even caused the occasional gripe at PCA towers.

Mr tea

However a new website plans to ensure elevenses and afternoon tea are a less stressful affair in offices around the UK.

OfficeCuppa is a free to use website that lets users to create an account and then note each member of staff's tea preferences, including strength and quantity of milk and sugar, using a horizontal slider.

Kind of brew

The Brew List can then be printed and pinned to the kitchen noticeboard/fridge door, ensuring every tea-round has a cuppa that suits every individual in the team.

"Those people who enjoy tea like 'flea-pee' or 'builders-mud' now have a way of reminding their colleagues that a 'middling' brew is not for them," a spokesperson for the site said.

However, sadly we don't think the site will be able to cure the problem of those that don't pull their weight when it comes to the tea-round.

Right, anyone fancy a brew?