A website is urging Brits to join a campaign to stop the Digital Economy Bill being rushed through Parliament.

Web users can enter their postcode into the 38 Degrees website to locate their local MP.

They can then enter their name and email address, before personalising a pre-drafted letter that highlights their concerns that the Digital Economy Bill will be pushed through Parliament.

The Digital Economy Bill sets out a number of proposals designed to tackle internet piracy, as well as ensuring all of the UK has access to 2Mbps broadband.

On proposal is for the implementation of a 'three-strikes' rule, which could see web users suspected of illegal file-sharing issued with warning letters and emails regarding their online activities. Repeat offenders would face technical measure to slow their broadband connections or even a temporary suspension from the net.

The bill also includes a controversial clause that could see ISPs forced by courts to block websites, such as YouTube, that contain large amounts of copyright-infringing material.

The bill was approved by the House of Lords this week and has now been put before MPs.

However, it is feared the bill could be rushed through Parliament before the General Election, without thorough examination.

"The draconian law is opposed by industry experts, internet service providers (like TalkTalk and BT), web giants including Google, Yahoo and eBbay and even the British Library," says the website.

"Despite all this opposition, the Government is trying to rush it through quietly just before the election without proper debate - without a chance for us to voice our opposition."

38 degrees says writing to your MP will stop the Government rushing the bill through.

"It'll take you less than 2 minutes."

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