Virgin Media will show off 200Mbps broadband at this year's Ideal Home Show.

The service, which is already being trialled in Kent with an additional trial due to start in Coventry soon, will be demoed as part of the House of the Future exhibit.

The ISP will also offer visitors a sneak peek at what home entertainment might be like in the future, including a display of a 3D TV service.

Virgin says the 200Mbps package will ensure web users can download a music album in three seconds, while an hour-long TV show will take 16 seconds and a high definition movie could be downloaded in just three minutes 42 seconds.

"Ultrafast broadband like our 200Mbps service, will enable a whole household to enjoy cutting edge entertainment, not just via computers, but through an array of gadgets all over the home," said Ashley Stockwell, executive director, brand and marketing at Virgin Media.

"By pushing the boundaries of broadband in the UK we hope to drive a change in the way Brits enjoy and experience digital entertainment and exciting new services."

Virgin Media's fastest service to date is a 50Mbps internet package, that was launched in Decmber 2008.

However, the ISP recently announced it plans to launch a 100Mbps service before the end of the year.

The Ideal Home Show takes place at Earls Court in London between March 20 and April 5.

Michael Phillips from Broadbandchoices said it was encouraging to see Virgin Media pushing forward with the service.
"The positive knock on effect of this kind of superfast service is that it inevitably precipitates new and exciting services for the broader public and businesses," Phillips said.

"While the public's need for services of 200Mbps is a irrelevant, there's no denying that customers want faster speeds – and specifically for broadband providers to actually deliver the headline-grabbing speeds they advertise."

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