Virgin Media has finally revealed details about its deal with Spotify that will allow the ISP's customers the ability to stream tracks on their PC, mobile phones and through their TV.

Under the deal, which was first announced in July this year, new or re-contracting Virgin Media customers signing up to the ISP's 'up-to' 30Mbps, 'up-to' 50Mbps or 'up-to' 100Mbps packages, will be given Spotify Premium for free for six months.

Spotify Premium allows users not only to stream as many tracks as they like from the service's 13 million strong catalogue that are also ad-free, but it also allows users to access their playlists from their smartphone and even listen to them from their devices when there's no internet connection.

Once the six-month period is up, Virgin Media customers will then pay the standard £9.99 per month Spotify charge through their broadband bill. Meanwhile, existing Virgin Media broadband customers that take out a new pay-monthly Virgin Mobile phone contract, will receive a three-month Spotify Premium subscription for free and any tracks streamed on their handset will not count towards their data allowance.

The ISP also said existing customers would be eligible to add the three- or six-month free access to their existing packages.

Music can be streamed through any of the customer’s Virgin services; on a PC using the net connection, on a Virgin Mobile handset or via TiVo, its TV-on-demand service, using a free app which is expected to launch in the “coming weeks”.

Furthermore, a range of exclusive content on Spotify is available to Virgin Media customers through a new ‘VM Music’ tab in the software.

 “The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers. Great digital services are no longer just about fast broadband or the latest TV technology, but increasingly about how people use their services to power and excite their daily lives,” said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media.

The ISP also said it will be revealing a range of other bundles of its services featuring Spotify in the near future. For more information, visit Virgin Media’s dedicated web page.