Following the announcement that BT has completed its trial of Phorm and expects to roll-out the system to all its customers, Virgin Media has confirmed it is considering introducing a targeted advertising system.

Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media told The Guardian: "There will be a point in time when we use the intelligence of our network for targeted advertising, will it be with Phorm, will it be with a modification of their product? I think it is a technique, but it is not something I want to rush into. We have got a fantastic brand and we want to take our customers with us."

Phorm's system tracks users' online surfing habits and then delivers relevant adverts - a practice that's raised a number of concerns from privacy campaigners. However, Phorm claims its 'anonymises' the information about web users so they are impossible to identify.

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Both Virgin Media and TalkTalk, which is also thought to be considering implementing the system, have expressed an interest in the results of the BT trials.

"I think the learnings to come from that (the BT test) will be interesting," Berkett added.

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