Virgin Media is calling for ISPs to be "honest" about the broadband speeds that users will receive.

Many ISPs advertise the maximum speed achievable on a particular package. However, the speed users will actually receive depends upon the individual line. Virgin is already publishing the typical average speeds its customers receive each month and wants other ISPs to follow suit.

Research from ICM, which was commissioned by the ISP, revealed nine out of ten web users find current broadband advertising misleading while 67 percent admit to becoming frustrated with ISPs that routinely fail to deliver on their promises.

Furthermore, 93 percent of web users believe advertising rules should be changed to stop ISPs making speed claims unless they match the typical real-world experience of the majority of customers.

In a bid to make this happen, the ISP has launched the 'Stop the Broadband Con' campaign. Virgin wants web users to sign its online petition asking the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to take account of consumers' needs in its review of broadband speed claims in advertising. The website also features a speed test, so web users can check to see if they are getting the speeds they pay for.

"People are paying for superfast broadband but receiving a service stuck in the slow lane. Broadband providers need to stop advertising speeds that not a single customer can receive and we're asking people to support our call for change," said Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media.

"UK consumers deserve superfast broadband they can trust, rather than having to rely on the fairytales and broken promises of current broadband advertising."

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has also lent his support to the campaign.

"Staying connected is central to our lives and we all deserve broadband we can trust," said Branson.

"I'm challenging all broadband providers to be honest with their customers and ask people to add their voice to the campaign by signing up to 'Stop the Broadband Con'."

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