It's easy to tell when you've hit it big on Vine--your follower and like counts skyrocket. But now the video-looping app will tell you exactly how many times a viral clip has been watched, as further evidence of your talent.

Vine on Tuesday rolled out updated versions of its iOS and Android apps that place the loop count, or video views, right next to your video. The count updates in real time, so you can see just how popular you really are. But if you try to game the system, Vine has controls in place to "mediate potential loop count abuse." In other words, stop looping your own Vines. The company said loop counts won't affect how clips are chosen for the app's Popular Now section, which is curated by Vine's editorial staff.

Some of the service's most popular videos won't have very high loop counts, because Vine only started tracking views on April 3. Videos that likely have much higher views than Vine has counted will be marked with a + sign.

The updated apps also look a little fresher: Videos in the main feed are larger and appear edge-to-edge on your screen. The Activity feed now alerts you when your Vines have hit major milestones--25 likes!

The loop count will also show up on Vine's website, which in May was redesigned to make searching for and viewing new clips to watch easier.