The number of tablet PCs used to access the online catch-up TV service, BBC iPlayer, continue to surge.

According to the BBC's iPlayer Performance figures for September 2011, there were 153 million requests to play TV and radio shows on iPlayer during September this year. Of these, 4.6 million (around three percent) came from tablet PCs, that's up from four million in August this year.

On average, three million TV show requests and 1.3 million radio programme requests are received each day and the online catch-up service has an average of 1.7 million users per day.

PCs are still the most-used device when it comes to accessing the BBC iPlayer, accounting for 65 percent of all requests, although that's a slight decrease on the same time last year, when they accounted for 71 percent of all programme requests. Virgin Media set-top boxes are used for 15 percent of all iPlayer requests while mobile devices such as smartphones are used for six percent of requests, overtaki8ng games console that currently account for five percent of all requests.

Doctor Who was named the most-watched programme on iPlayer during September this year and was closely followed by Outnumbered and Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, the News Quiz, The Chris Moyles Show and 5 Live Sport Premier League Football coverage were big draws for radio shows.