There’s a lot of great stuff out there on the internet. However, not all of it is appropriate for all ages and you may want to control the types of content that your browser can display.

In Windows 8 you can use the Content Advisor to help you manage what is and isn’t available through your browser. This is great if you want to protect your family from inappropriate content or if you use a laptop in a busy shared office or public place and want to make sure that you can’t accidentally end up displaying something untoward on your screen.

The Content Advisor tool isn’t switched on by default, this is so that you can browse freely with no limitations. You need to have a standard user account instead of an administrator to limit web use. Go to Internet Explorer and click on Tools, then Internet Options swap to the Content tab and then click on Family Safety. Select the account you wish to manage content for and then in the account summary click on web filtering.

In the web-filtering window you have a number of options. You can select to allow all websites or restrict browsing to just those you manually select, or simply block specific sites. You can also choose a level of web filtering, restricting sites based on a few set criteria: designed for children, general interest, online communications. You can choose to allow sites with adult content, but only after a warning has been shown. In addition you can stop people downloading files by selecting the Block file downloads option.

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