comScore has unveiled the results of its latest internet surfing research and found that Brits spend an average of 10 hours more online each month than other European nations.

The comScore European Internet Usage research found UK-based internet users were likely to spend just under 36 hours a month online, compared with a European average of 26.4 hours. The next-most web-hungry nation in Europe is The Netherlands, with an average monthly surfing habit of 33.2 hours each, compared with Brits’ 35.6 hours. Irish web users posted only 20.2 hours online, on average. This figure is actually much closer to the worldwide average, which comScore puts at 24 hours a month.

The figures relate to research covering September 2011. ComScore also found that this September Russia overtook Germany as the European country with the highest number of unique visitors (50.8 million versus 50.14 million). However, the strongest trend of all in September was a surge in visits to job hunting sites: career services and development sites saw a 30 percent increase in web traffic. Perhaps not surprisingly given that September marks the start of a new academic year in most European countries, training and education sites saw the biggest surge within the category. Job search was the next most popular category, with job-hunting site Monster Inc fielding visits from 9.4m people.

The surfing habits of under 15s were not included in the research, which comScore collects monthly.

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