Revealing your location on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter could increase your insurance premiums, says

According to the price comparison website, posting your whereabouts on social networks alerts criminals to the fact you're not at home, and therefore increases your chances of getting burgled. said users fond of social networks could see premiums increase by as much as 10 percent.

Darren Black from said: "Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their information gathering, even using Google Earth and Streetview to plan their burglaries with military precision.

"Insurance providers are starting to take this into account when they are assessing claims and we may in future see insurers declining claims if they believe the customer was negligent." urged social networkers never to post their home address or phone number on sites and to turn-off location based services if they're not necessary.'s comments come just days after the Pleaserobme website was launched in a bid to highlight the potential danger of updating the world, via social networking sites, on your every move.

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