Watching a hotly anticipated TV event without your trusty sidekick Twitter there to provide running commentary feels hollow somehow. Meaningless. Advertisers know they're losing your attention--who wants to watch a commercial when you can refresh your stream?--so Twitter is making it easier for big brands to find you with TV ad targeting.

Twitter has been beta testing the service for selected U.S. advertisers running national ad campaigns since May, and on Tuesday announced a widespread rollout.

How it works: When a brand runs ads on a certain show, like Breaking Bad, Twitter's Amplify service helps them find users who are tweeting about the show while it airs. Those users will then see Promoted Tweets from those companies.

Twitter's plan is to help brands push tweets that aren't annoying ads. During the beta test, Holiday Inn Express used Promoted Tweets to display videos and relevant facts. Luxury car brand Jaguar saw a boost in submissions to its #MyTurnToJag hashtag.

In a Tuesday blog post, Twitter revenue product manager Michael Fleischman said the beta case studies showed 95 percent stronger message association and 58 percent increased purchase intent in users who watched TV ads and then saw Promoted Tweets versus those who watched TV ads alone.

Companies will have access to analytics tools that will help them see if their Twitter campaigns are successful. Hopefully, if their Promoted Tweets are terrible, the analytics will show them the light.

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