Satnav maker TomTom has launched an app for Facebook, Bebo and iGoogle that offers real-time traffic information.

The TomTom HD Traffic widget, which can be downloaded free of charge, can be tailored to monitor the traffic on a particular route or region.

TomTom also said that it would display delays either in miles or the extra time it will add to a journey. It then sits on the user's social network or iGoogle page and constantly refreshes, ensuring they are able to plan their day more efficiently, as they can decide the best time to set off on their journey.

"It illustrates our commitment to making TomTom's leading traffic service available to as many people as possible."

Fiona Herring, product manager for iGoogle, added: "This is a really useful tool; I think it's great that TomTom has built this gadget. It's an example of how gadgets can provide really useful information in an easy-to-access way".

To download the app, visit TomTom's website.

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