Reunited man-band Take That caused a number of ticket websites to crash this morning as thousands of fans logged-on in a bid to secure seats for the group's next tour.

Tickets for the band's 14-date Progress 2011 tour, which will be the first to feature Robbie Williams after his departure from the group in 1995, went on sale at 9am this morning. However, websites including and ticketmaster were unable to cope with the demand and crashed, leaving many fans disappointed at being able to get their hands on tickets. Ticketmaster first went down at 9.03am for 34 minutes and was downed again at 9.46am, according to data from Site Confidence, an NCC Group company. It is unknown how long was out for.

Neil Barton, director of hosting firm, Hostway, said it was "alarming" to see that many ticketing sites buckled under the strain fans wanting to purchase seats for the Progress tour.

"Website owners have known about the tour for some time, but it looks like the majority have still failed to build in adequate capacity to cope with the excess of visitors, with many completely unable to get onto even a holding page," he said.

"Unless IT teams learn how to cope with events such as these, through building sufficient capacity and utilising better traffic management, they run the risk of very disgruntled fans who certainly won't be ' Back for good'."

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