A third of emails received each day remain unread, says Mindjet.

Research of 2000 office workers by the collaboration software developer which was conducted by One Poll, revealed on average 36 emails are received by Brits every day. However, nearly two thirds (65 percent) claimed the volume of data they receive each day negatively affects their job, leading Mindjet to suggest Brits are "drowning in droplets rather than floods of data at work".

On average, UK office workers attend one meeting and make five telephone or conference calls each day. However, a small amount of data can leave workers feeling overwhelmed because they feel they're not equipped to manage it properly. In fact, 14 percent says this is a contributing factor when it comes to not enjoyinhg their job. Furthermore, just 20 percent said they access social networking sites during a typical day at the office.

Mindjet says the average office worker spends over 21 minutes a day, which equates to two working weeks per year, searching for information they've seen but can't find, which costs UK firms £1,248.51 per employee each year, based on an average wage of £25,900.

Neurobiologist Mo Costandi explained that the brain is not good at multitasking so its no wonder we struggle when e receive information from a huge variety of different sources, sometimes simultaneously.

"When there are emails, documents, meetings, tweets and telephone calls to deal with it can be very hard to assimilate all this information in a meaningful way," she said.

Chris Harman from Mindjet, added the research shows "it doesn't take much to feel like we're drowning in data at work. It is costing businesses and affecting employee motivation, which is why companies have to encourage new ways of working and help their employees better manage data."

Costandi said visualising information can help to see the bigger picture and understand connections between pieces of information. Furthermore, set-up rules in email and create to-do lists.

Take a test to find out how well you manage data by visiting Mindjet's dedicated website.