Thinkbroadband has hit back at Virgin Media's claims that online broadband speed testers are unable to cope with the company's 50Mbps cable service.

Virgin said earlier this month that services designed to help consumers discover if the download and upload speeds they're getting match those promised by their ISP cannot be relied upon.

The ISP said such tests, which usually involve timing how long it takes to download a file to a PC, relied on an insufficient payload, and that errors are amplified when speeds get up to 50Mbps.

However, Thinkbroadband, which offers a broadband speed test, has produced a video it says disproves Virgin's claims.
Thinkbroadband spokesperson Sebastien Lahtinen says in the video, which can be viewed here, that the company's speed test is capable of measuring broadband services running over 250Mbps.

"A few months ago we started upgrading our speed test platform to gigabit connections to cope with the next generation of broadband services," says Lahtinen in the video. To demonstrate the capabilities of the service, Lahtinen plugged a laptop into IDNET's hosting facility in London's Docklands and achieved speeds of 270Mbps downstream, and 273Mbps upstream.

Thinkbroadband says its method of testing speed is almost unique as it not only runs the testing software, but also operates the network that the speed test servers are connected to. This provides a clear insight into any problems and allows Thinkbroadband to work with broadband providers to ensure they can provide them with a strong high speed link.

"Virgin Media is setting a gold standard by highlighting its 50 Meg package - let's hope other providers will also keep up with technology," added Lahtinen.

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