Google Labs brought us some of Google's best-known 'beta' projects, such as Gmail and Google Maps, but there was a lot more going on in the labs before Google announced the demise of its experimental test area. Join us on a tour of Google's most useful, beautiful, and just plain cool experiments.

Google Body Browser

Instead of touring another world, how about embarking on a fantastic voyage inside yourself? Google Body provides a detailed 3D view of human anatomy that you can look at layer by layer. It's great for med students doing anatomy research or for anyone seeking insight into their insides - and it's fun, too.

Google Flu Trends

Every year, people consult the other people in their social circles to see whether the flu is going around. Google tries to make sense of it all by geographically aggregating everybody who asks online about the flu and using the resulting data to create Google Flu Trends.

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